the working girls guide to

endo & chronic pain

 Art By: Amanda Mocci

Art By: Amanda Mocci

by: Fela m'tima


For those of you able to work, whether it's inside or outside of the house, it can be more than challenging. 
Here are some tips that we've gathered from other endo-sisters in hopes we can all help each other live somewhat "normal" lives.


Stay Hydrated

This one might seem like a no brain-er, but when you're working and get busy, it's easy to forget. Try bringing a reusable water bottle with you to help remind you.

Portable Tens Unit
Some women get incredible relief with tens units and the fact that they make portable ones can be a total life saver. You can use it anywhere so try not only your abdomen but even your back too.

Stick on Heating Pads

They aren't as amazing as regular ones but sometimes when your pain is that bad, any heat will help.
Also same goes with the tens unit, you should try using it on your back! You might even be able to use the unit with the heat pad too for maximum relief!

Topical CBD Cream

If you're able to get your hands on it, it can be so helpful especially if you use a stick on heating pad with it. You can also try Castor oil packs as well.


Make sure you're getting enough rest! If you know you're working the next day, try and get yourself to bed earlier than usual. Endo fatigue can be really crippling and adding not enough sleep to the equation will definitely lead to a way more exhausting day.

Working Part-time

As much as we want to be able to work as much as possible, chronic pain can really take a toll. If you can, try working part-time and getting your body to adjust to that
and take it from there.

Good Communication with Your Boss

This one is KEY. It's trickier than it might seem, but if you can build good communication with your boss, it'll help you make sure your work life doesn't suffer when you feel like crap.
Make sure they understand the full extent of your illness. Also prepare them for the fact that some days are worse then others. Explain to them what you need from them in order
to make your working life easier!

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