the 2017 women's march

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By: Autumn Smith



January 20th was a rough day for a lot of Americans. Immigrants felt threatened, thepeople of all different races that already Make America Great felt belittled and hated, LGBTQ members felt like they had lost their important place in this country, and women felt like their rights were going to be taken from them at any moment. All of this, and so much more.

Then something beautiful happened. The rain from the day before was gone, I had woken up to bright rays of sun on my face and although my female reproductive organs were causing me pain, it felt like the whole world finally cared about them.

On Saturday, January 21st (the day after our new president's inauguration) it is estimated that 440,000 people gathered in DC for the Women's March on Washington. More than 3.3 million people participated all over the country to take place in different Women's Marches. That is some powerful shit.

Women, men, and non binary people gathered to show the Trump administration that we won't stand for hate, and to show everyone who felt defeated (just one day before) that they will always, always fight for them.

In the endometriosis community, access to healthcare and birth control is vital. Personally, healthcare is everything to me right now. Medications, doctors visits, testing, and surgeries wouldn't even be possible without health insurance. I can't even begin to think about it. The entire endometriosis community needs birth control for treatment of their disease, and young women with chronic pain during periods could possibly prevent a life of suffering just by balancing their periods with birth control easily obtained at Planned Parenthood.

I couldn't march on Saturday but surprisingly, I didn't end up with the worst case of FOMO you could ever imagine. I felt like I was there, right along side all of the wonderful women of the endometriosis community that were there marching for us. They were marching for everyone, and I will forever be grateful.