The Spoonie's Recommended Resolutions

by: autumn smith


1.) Be grateful for every tiny win when it comes to your health, whether it means your uterine pain is significantly better after a surgery or you're just happy you finally pooped after a long day. 

2.) Rid of all people or things that negatively effect your life. Your current state of bad health does that enough for you, and it's not making it any better.

3.) Find ways to show your gratitude for the people who make your life easier. What would we do without them?

4.) Become a master of healthy eating. Feel like a chef. Take blog quality foodie pics for your Instagram. You've probably already perfected your diet for your health, why not be the best at it?

5.) Find more spoonie friends. You need them, and they need you!

6.) Let yourself rest. You know when you need it.

7.) You also know when you need to get up and move. Never miss an opportunity to be active and do fun activities when you actually have a chance!

8.) Don't be mad at yourself if you're not getting better. It's not your fault, this can be a slow, painful battle but.....

9.) Never give up. Keep looking for new ways to heal, to feel stronger, better, and happier. Find new doctors. Find new treatments. Reach out and never stop.

10.) When your body is failing you, use your brain. Strive for intelligence. Be creative. Now is the time to dive into your artistry or work and become the best at it!