Endometriosis is a social justice issue.


by: fela m'tima




This article that I'd like to share with you all and talk about is a Huffington Post article by Jhumka Gupta. It talks about Endometriosis being a very large Social Justice issue. It hit home with me since I haven't been able to work a "normal" job in almost two years. Besides that, I struggle daily being able to run our non profit (Endotwins) even though it's a job I can do with my heating pad. This is a real issue, and not just for me personally. Even before my diagnosis, I was missing school due to what I thought was normal period pain, and the same for work. I thought it was normal though I was always made to feel bad about it by society.

Women I was friends with at work would come in while on their periods with the usual, "Ugh, got my period, I can't believe I ate that whole jar of nutella last night." When I would come in while on my period it sounded more like, "I really think my uterus might push its way out of my butthole." As I would sit cradling my legs in a fetal position under the cash register thinking maybe, just maybe, I'd die right then and there. There isn't a woman with Endo where the disease doesn't affect her working life, or make it harder for her to have the career she wants to work for. I believe, just as the article states, we need to make this not only a reproductive issue but a social justice one. There needs to be a change.

"No young woman should have to worry about missing school or missing out on life because she is suffering silently from endometriosis. These women need a voice in women’s health and more broadly, social justice, so that ultimately they can speak out about their suffering and know they will be helped instead of dismissed or, worse, ostracized."

Quote By: Jhumka Gupta

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