#6 Let's talk orgasms

 Art by: Henn Kim   @henn_kim

Art by: Henn Kim


By: Fela M'tima Dunfee



Hey ladies, I'm here to talk about orgasms. They're amazing, we all know that part. What we also know is that when you have Endometriosis, they can be super painful. Especially after, which is just rude as hell. It's almost as if the universe is saying, "Here's an incredible magical feeling but when it's over, you might as well die. Enjoy those seconds while you can." and then laughs hysterically in your face. So, unfortunately, I'm not a wizard who can fix your pelvic pain, or we would all be cured by now. But, I can share what I do when I'm already having pain, to avoid a BIT of the pain we experience. 

Obviously penetration makes everything worse, so this tip might seem like a no brainer. But every time I'm already having pain, I know that any penetration will feel horrible after and radiate pain into my pelvic and sometimes even my lower back. If I'm not having pain before, or even during, I'm still bound to have some pelvic pain. Because of my excision surgery, it's not as bad as it used to be, but it's not fun to instantly think of a heating pad post orgasm. 

So, I avoid penetration when I'm super flared! The wonderful thing about being a woman (among every other thing) is that you CAN have orgasms without it. Though any form of contracting, which an orgasm creates, can cause pain. But, the combo of two orgasms, or something literally being shoved in and out never seems like a good idea when you're hurting that much. We all know our bodies, so this is really about listening to what your vagina can handle that day. Push yourself a bit, but not too much.