#3: Pelvic Floor Therapy AKA Vaginal Xanax

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By: Fela M'tima



I can't stress enough how important pelvic floor therapy is for us and our sex lives. Through simple exercises, we can learn how to relax the muscles that have been stuck tight due to years of chronic pain. Imagine your pelvic floor as a fist that can not open up. Doesn't sound pleasant, right? That could be a huge reason why sex doesn't feel good. The more relaxed you are, the more positions will feel good, the more chance of achieving an orgasm, and the easier it will be to even insert something inside of you! Personally, I can feel the difference internally after a PT session. I've also had "pain free sex" after using the tools I learned while in session. Of course we can learn which positions help to have pain free sex, we can learn what lube to use, we can take a deep breath and hope for the best, but getting down to the real issue is another really important step. It can be challenging to almost re-train your vagina to relax, but it is beyond possible and exciting to see the progress! If only we could just shove a xanax up there and call it a day but I swear your hard work will pay off. Not only can having a damaged pelvic floor cause pain during sex, but can also contribute to chronic daily pain. All the more reason to make that call today and schedule your first appointment!