#2: don't be afraid to say no

 Art By: Hannako Mimiko

Art By: Hannako Mimiko


By: Fela M'tima



There are many, many different sexual positions out there. Through having Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, plus a dysfunctional pelvic floor, I've learned some just don't work for my body, and that is OKAY. I don't know too much about anatomy but being chronically ill has helped a bit. There is something about the positioning of "doggy style" (or any positions from behind) that makes my bladder, pelvic floor, and uterus begin a war inside of me.  Now, the good thing, there are a ton of other positions that work so much better! For example, on top, where you have complete control. Control is your bestfriend in the bedroom, ladies.

Just because we are sick doesn't mean we can't switch it up though. I don't encourage any sudden, abrupt movements, but when you're on a roll try switching from being on top, to the position in the art work above! It's comfortable, intimate, and you're still in a good amount of control while allowing your partner to take control if he/she would like.  A big part of mastering good, healthy sex when you have a reproductive disease, is finding what works and not being afraid to say no to things you know don't feel good. Never be hard on yourself when you do find positions that don't feel good. There are millions to try and shit, you could make up your own! Have fun with it. A good partner will encourage trying what works so you BOTH have the most pleasurable experience. There will be trial and error, lord knows I have, but always keep going, you're a fighter.