#5: heating it up


By: Fela M'tima



Recently I spoke with an endo-sister about what works for her during sex. I wanted to know more than changing positions and the emotional aspect of doing it, things I had written about before. She told me about playing around with hot and cold. My first thought was, hot definitely sounds amazing because what endo gal doesn't love some heat? She explained that not only can you warm up (or freeze) glass sex toys for pleasure/comfort, you can also buy things like massage gels and pain reliving creams that can be heated and applied basically anywhere! Talk about hot foreplay. As women who are glued to heating pads, I feel as though this could help us more than we think. Almost every muscle (including pelvic) could be relaxed prior to even doing it, or even while doing it, in hopes that towards then end, we are left with maybe not as big of a flare. She kindly gave me links to some of her personal favorite toys/creams/gels and I think it's time for us all to try!

Heating Gel

Massage Kit Set

Glass Toy/Massager


By: Fela M'tima Dunfee