We are Fela and Autumn, the creators of Endotwins, a non profit that publishes newsletters each month relating to Endometriosis. Our mission is to make Endotwins a place to get more information from our personal experiences living with Endometriosis, a place to feel support, love, and compassion. A place where you can reach out not only to us but to a huge community of women who are battling the same diseases. Most importantly, a place to laugh your ass off, read articles, interviews, sex tips, and find some beauty in the darkest of places.

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Fela M'tima Dunfee

is a 25 year old writer located in Chicago, IL. She co-founded Endotwins in the hopes that using her writing to express her battles with Endometriosis and mental illness could influence other women around her. In publishing newsletters, she seeks work from other women who are also turning their pain into creative outlets. She has found a new passion for interviewing women, which has led her to understand more about her own journey with these illnesses. Her goal is to share her writing and the work of others with the Endometriosis community in hopes we can all help eachother heal and grow. 

Contact: felamtima@endotwins.com



is a 27 year old artist located in her hometown, Galesburg, Illinois. During her rough battle with endometriosis, comedy, art, and the raw writing of other women helped her through the hardest parts. Through Endotwins, she hopes her passion for making people laugh and seeing the beauty in hard times will help others on their journey. Her main goal is to create a community of women much stronger than the stigma surrounding their disease.