fela's favorite things

By: Fela M'tima Dunfee



the husband pillow

  When you're sick you're in bed more than you'd like, but with a Husband Pillow you won't even care. Soft, comfortable on your back and neck, and you don't have to constantly readjust your pillows! This is a MUST HAVE. My cat tries to steal mine at least once a day. Perfect for sitting up to be on your laptop, watching tv, eating snacks, etc. I honestly haven't had one complaint since I've gotten it. My back and neck pain have increased a bunch! You can even carry it to the couch if you're feeling spontaneous.


hospital table

Surgery recovery can be a bitch, but I found that a hospital table makes it a hell of a lot easier. It actually works year round because we tend to feel like we are post op even when we aren't. This bad boy can be raised to the perfect height so you can lay in bed and have all your snacks and drinks at an easy reach! You gotta have the La Croix close, you feel me? This isn't a cheap one, but it will last you through all your ups and downs. It might not be the most attractive *bad boy* but find your favorite scarf and drape it over!



Now you might have heard about "cupping" before. Maybe you saw Kim K's snapchats about it or that Olympic swimmer who had weird circle hickey marks all over him. Either way, shit really works! It helps with pain, inflammation, and blood flow. You can do it yourself, or have a friend or partner do it for you! (I mean you could probably make a romantic night out of it if you know what I mean) I use arnicare as a topical treatment first, and then cup! Being in bed a lot can cause us to have back and neck pain, so you need to try these out! They will last forever and help A BUNCH. I bet you'll even look hotter then Kim K when she does it.


tens unit

Last but not least, the world famous, endo saver, a tens unit! I know a lot of women have tried it, but many haven't! The wonderful thing is that it can be used for all sorts of pain other than just ovarian pain. Basically, you need to own one. The one I have isn't the super expensive kind and it works just as well as the fancy one in my physical therapists office. Tens units feel like little electric currents of love on my ovaries, arm muscles, and anywhere else I've tried to attach it to. The wonderful thing about this one is it also has a belt clip. I've literally snapped that shit on and done a load of laundry. (and I was more comfortable because I was getting relief.)