Izzy: Your Personal Period Tracker, Pill Reminder, Endo BFF.


By: Fela M'tima


Women with Endo rely on Birth Control, point blank. Until my Hysterectomy, my progesterone pills were little pink balls of sweet goodness that I knew could always throw my hormones into the right balance. Endometriosis feeds off estrogen (as most of you know) and with sometimes constant BC you can even stop your period if it's disrupting your life too much. You can also take BC to help control bleeding due to Adenomyosis, or simply take them regularly to make your periods a tiny bit less intense each month. But, sometimes you miss a pill, and that can cause an endo-flare that you so easily could of missed out on if you were better at remembering to take your BC through all that brain fog. With a friend like Izzy, you wouldn't ever miss a pill. Not only would you not miss a pill, you'd have a period tracker for those who still cycle, and basically a new OBGYN bestie.

Hajnalka Hejja is the leader of Izzy, the chat-bot that can answer all your period and reproductive health questions, which is now being tested to work for women with Endometriosis. This all started after Hajnalka spent her university years giving lectures as a volunteer to schools on sexual health. She would talk about everything from sex, protection, STD's, and the pill. She soon noticed how when women were educated about these things, and their own bodies, that it empowered them. She soon spent more time in obstetrics and gynecology which made her more aware of her need to be more proactive about her body too. She noticed from her own experiences that being in a doctors office talking about your body and sexual health can be uncomfortable, which led to the idea of having Izzy. Now Izzy is run by a whole team of passionate women, determined to make a difference. The team includes Hajnalka, Janna (co-founder, mother of two), Cornelia (researcher in female health), Maria (machine learning sotware engineer). 


"I saw an opportunity: what if the comfortable environment that women need to talk about reproductive health could provided by someone else -not a human doctor but a friendly bot?


What if you never had to feel ashamed and embarrassed again to ask questions? What if doctors could have help to take care of patients and educate them?"


-Hajnalka Hejja

Right now, Izzy is the perfect tracker, educator, and robot lady friend. She's helpful, replies instantly, and is there 24/7. When have you been able to get that in your own OBGYN? And, you can keep your pants on. But think, what if Izzy could do more than this? What if Izzy was an endo-advocate? This is the next step for MediLad, the company that created her. They are working on having Izzy bring endo-awareness, track pain, work on pain management, and possibly early diagnosis.


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