hormone tips for the hormonal sick girls

 Art By: Thea Glad

Art By: Thea Glad


hormone tip #1

Feeling Out of Control



Ohhhh, HORMONES. How they can creep up on you and make you feel filled with rage, love, and the ability to get a pimple literally anywhere on your body. Sometimes, hormones can make you feel out of control. It can be scary and overwhelming. Fear and anxiety can only exacerbate hormones and their power so it's important to acknowledge it. To help with control, focus on what you can do. My tip is control your environment when it gets this out of balance. Put away your phone. Find either a feel good, cry worthy movie or a trashy reality TV show that might still make you cry for literally no reason. Eat guilty, period craving foods, without guilt (works whether you're having a period or not.) Light candles and stay in whatever part of your home that makes you most comfortable. If anyone is with you, vocalize that you're feeling these things so you don't have fear of acting "emotional" or "angry". Allow yourself to feel it, control it, and find any comfort possible. 


Hormone Tip #2

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