universal life force


healing endo with energy

By: Jahara Victoria



There is a Universal life force encompassed within you. An undeniable, unresting, and powerful current of energy that keeps you alive. A bio-magnetic energy field that holds our bodies and acts as a universal phenomenon, (it’s also science.) 

Rub your hands together, fast. Create heat between your palms and you will feel the friction of your energy. That’s you. It is the force of flowing rivers, rain hitting the pavement, saltwater waves, and the wind pushing through the trees. Everything alive. 

It was in the midst of chaos when the first awakening arrived. You could say, I manifested Reiki a year ago when I google searched, “do healers exist?” Doubled over and contemplating a lamentable existence, I looked for answers. At the touch of my keyboard, a sea of knowledge came forth. And like a full tide, it held the mystery of what lied beneath. 

Intuitive energy healers and so much more surfaced. A metaphysical realm of esoteric teachings and practices entirely obscure to me. I like to consider myself open minded but at times I can be skeptical. I began to research Reiki, a spiritual form of Japanese energy healing and chakra cleansing. A practice where stagnant and negative energy is released from the body. Through this clearing, the chakras are able to flow in perfect alignment with restored and renewed energy. This allows the body to heal and evolve into a higher state of consciousness. 

As I continued my research, like a magnet I began to attract the flow of Reiki. From all directions it greeted me. I saw hospice ads in the San Diego Tribune, seeking Reiki volunteers to perform treatment for end of life patients. I discovered the U.S. government was funding programs for certain hospitals to teach RN’s Reiki as a method of comfort and relief. This meant something.

When doctors look at you, and say, “I’m sorry there is no cure for Endometriosis but we can attempt to manage the disease and limit your pain.” What they are saying is: “We don’t have a cure based on prescribed medication or surgery.” This is coherent with their knowledge of what they have been taught in medical school. 

Energy healing is something entirely different. It is incredibly authentic to our terrestrial functioning's as human beings and yet we have been so torn away from this “taboo” practice.

How fast does it take to recover from surgery? How long for the medications to kick in? With energy, it flows immediately into the body and pushes the stagnant out. Depending on the illness and how our bodies hold pain, it can take multiple treatments or a single session for relief. For me, it took multiple sessions to feel a difference. 

After realizing I was willing to try anything for pain relief, I sought a Reiki healer. Some are Masters, others Practitioners. Masters of Reiki, are individuals who have gone through the entire process of energy healing, and the attunements; meaning they have mastered all the sacred symbols of practicing their art under an established Reiki Master. Practitioners of Reiki have not received all the spiritual attunements and are still evolving in their practice. 


"Even when I received healings, feeling pulses of energy surge through my body, waking and feeling clear in the mornings, I still questioned the authenticity of what was happening. Could it be real?"


The first mistake I made in looking for a healer was, Groupon. Being sick and broke left me with limited options. I thought perhaps I could get a deal. However, finding a healer via Groupon ultimately didn’t feel right. That gut intuition kept me putting it off for awhile. After some time I let go of the idea of Reiki and fell into a deeper spiraling hole of depression. In January, I decided to stay with a distant cousin in Texas who lived across the street from the famous Enchanted Rock. I had to get out of California and she was offering a healing retreat called, “The Grand Alignment.” I had no idea what I meant but I packed my bags and went. 

Unbeknownst to me, I discovered my cousin Rebecca, was a healer. A Reiki Master, who for the last 25 years had helped people from all over the world. Sometimes, strangers would appear at her doorstep, unsure of how or why they came. Dazed within the comforting familiarity of a home away from home. Rebecca was home. 

Eventually, their life story would unfold and illnesses would be discussed. They would leave in tears of gratitude or a state of awe after receiving a healing from Rebecca. I witnessed this several times in the weeks I was there and I still couldn’t fully digest what had happened. Even when I received healings, feeling pulses of energy surge through my body, waking and feeling clear in the mornings, I still questioned the authenticity of what was happening. Could it be real?

Most of us are raised with very clear views of how the world operates. We believe in our government, we believe in our doctors, and the medicine prescribed. We believe in our pain. We believe in all this because it’s everything we’ve ever been told.

And then a concept such as energy healing becomes taboo. When it’s the very repose within our hearts. 

The truth is I am better. Through each healing, my belief in Reiki grew stronger. I traversed back to Texas and studied under my cousin to become a Reiki Practitioner myself. So I could help those who suffer, spread the wisdom of Reiki, and continue to heal myself. 

Important things to consider with Reiki Healing:

- Healing progress is different for everyone. We all store pain in the deepest parts of our physical and emotional subconscious. Results will vary from one another. Reiki is recommended in conjunction with other dietary, alternative, or personal treatments per patient. 

-Patients are fully clothed during a healing.

-The practitioner may rest their hands a few inches above the body during a session or they may do hands on work. Hands on means they will lightly rest their hands on the body. 

-Reiki is not harmful (there are no known side effects). It can be used on people, plants, animals, and even during pregnancy. 

-Reiki is relaxing and calming, it’s typical to fall asleep during a session. 

-You may feel tingling in your fingers, prickling, or nothing at all. 

-Reiki opens the chakras and in some cases, certain people report seeing colors or having visions as their mind’s eye begins to open. 

- Sessions typically last an hour. 

-Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Consider when you get a massage and how important it is to flush out these toxins. Energy healing requires lots of water to keep everything flowing through. 

-Detox symptoms after a strong healing, whether it’s been a few hours or the following the day, can occur (mentioned previously, water!) While not uncommon, headaches and an overall yucky feeling may occur as the body is purging out the toxins from the healing. This is a good thing! It means the healing is doing exactly what it was supposed to and is releasing what no longer serves your body. Symptoms are very short and generally resolve quickly. 

-Spiritual Awakening may occur during or after a session and emotions may rise. Be gentle with yourself. You are becoming deeply in touch with a part of yourself that has been neglected for a long time and exciting shifts are about to take fold in your life. 

- Be mindful of choosing a Reiki Master to facilitate your healing. Look for an individual that is not focused purely on the economics of sessions but on YOUR success. Genuine, kind, peaceful individuals are who you want to work on you. If you meet with a person of Reiki and you do not like their energy, do not receive a healing. 

Anyone in the North County San Diego region will be able to receive  free reiki and healing session with Jahara.

Please contact her at Jaharasingh@gmail.com