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Ending the Silence.
Waging the War on Endometriosis.


How it all started

Starting as two strangers in the same high school and evolving into lifelong friends brought together by one unfortunate cause. ENDOMETRIOSIS.  And the lack of support, care, and resources that are available to the nearly 176 million women suffering from the disease. We are survivors. We are here now to end the silence and wage the war on endo(metriosis).

After two prior surgeries each, physical torture and emotional triumphs, we set out to find the best of the best care. This was found by our now savior, Dr. Kenny Sinvero and his medical staff at The Center for Endometriosis Care. This third surgery has been absolutely life changing for the both of us, which left us with the question…why did it take this damn long to get actual treatment and care?!

Our first debut after surgery was a trip to New York, specifically at the Today Show to help raise awareness for endo, while so many other women were marching in support. Getting on TV was ground breaking for us and an experience that left us even more motivated after being told how limited we were on spreading awareness publicly on TV, which meant no period or cramps discussion…again why?!


The answer is right in front of us. Menstruation Cycles discussion continues to grow to be a taboo even though it is a natural process and it is what forms us into being a woman. If transforming from a “girl to a woman” is so sexy and exciting, then so should the process, blood and all. Resources continue to be limited and quality care is expensive and near impossible to find, with an estimated less than 100 providers being able to provide comprehensive endometriosis care and treatment. And this astounding neglect for a serious women’s health issue affecting at least 1 in 10 women, is our motivator to help those who are struggling right alongside us.


What is Endo Tribe?

Endo Tribe is targeted towards the endo community, but is in hopes to shed light to their families, the public, schools and the medical field. As a blog, our main objective is to educate. Without knowledge, we are powerless to fight for what we deserve and so often others are fed misleading information. The direction we are taking on our blog is educating by doing extensive information to ensure the correct and proper information is being spread, sharing others endo warrior’s stories because our experiences will shape our future treatment and offering support whether it with resources, words of empowerment, etc…


How to get Involved: 

Once a week we post one incredible ladies story on our blog for Fearless Friday. We believe that you are not alone and the best way to spread the awareness is hearing each other's stories and showing lots of love and support. Submissions can be sent to our emails and be read in a time mannerly! (We work full time, so please take that into consideration)


How to submit your story:

1. Write up your story! (Any length is acceptable)

2. Story should include: Name, age, and diagnosis *Picture is not required, but encouraged! It's your shining moment, so why not?!*

3. Submit your story to our email: cb.endotribe@gmail.com

4. Title the email with your first and last name then followed by story (ex. Chelsea Kern's Story)


Our Future:

Endo Tribe is slowly but surely making a bright future for the endo community. Our goal is start selling a small selection of products to start a non-profit organization. Starting the non-profit organization, we hope to run many charitable events to help fundraise costs for proper excision surgery for endo patients, due to absurd costs that prevent us from getting the proper .

The logistics are being worked out and discussed and at this time will be unable to release much details or answers questions regarding it until it is set in concrete.


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