Tips For Sleeping For The Sleepy Endosomniac's


By: Fela M'tima



As sick women, we can take more medication then the normal person, and still be wide awake at the end of the day. Many things can contribute to this. It could be what the chronic illness community calls "painsomnia" which is exactly as it sounds, when you can't sleep due to pain. Sometimes, it's stress. Sometimes it's because you happen to have both insomnia AND Endometriosis. Other nights it's a shit show mix of all of those things. I'm not the queen of sleep (only darkness) but I can share some tips that have helped me in the past. 

1) Smoke weed

Not only is it good for your stabilizing your mood, managing your pain, and eating snacks like a champ, weed will help you sleep. If you still can't sleep after this tip, at least you're getting other relief and hey, you're stoned! (hopefully with snacks).

2) Take a benadryl! 

Benadryl causes drowsiness and if it is fine to take with your other medications (please check first), sometimes it can act like the little push you need to get tired! I've noticed that on nights when natural remedies don't help, Benadryl can get me to sleep within two hours. (Especially if I've already done Step #1)

3) Hot bath with candles

Might seem obvious but I was actually only a morning or daytime bath taker until my *painsomnia* got out of control. The key to doing this to promote sleep is to get some sort of relaxing bubble bath (Right now I have a eucalyptus one), turn the lights off, and light a shit load of candles!

4) Give up

Kidding! Sort of. Sometimes I've tried all of the above and I'm laying in bed, clean from my bath, feelin' groovy off the benadryl, stoned af, and wide awake. Now, that's not the worst way to be stuck awake if you ask me but it can be super frustrating especially if you have things to do the next day. Now if I let go of the idea of sleeping though, it actually helps. Without realizing it, I'm completely forgetting about the stress of sleeping. Oh, it's Tuesday night? Fuck it, I'm staying up past 4 am, I got snacks, we good.

5) TV on low

Okay, so even if you've "let go" of the idea of sleeping, you can't go wrong putting on some quiet Nick at Nite on in the background. Or maybe Roseanne, Friends, or The Office. Anything you've seen a million times and love, I promise you will quietly drift to sleep to it (even if it is past 4 am).