five stretches to do when you can't f****** get up

 by: Fela M'tima



Five easy stretches for those bad days we all have. Movement does wonders for your body, even when it isn't out of bed!

Try these in the morning when you're waking up or at night before getting to bed.

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#1 The Flight Attendant

Lay down and lift both arms straight up above you and behind your head as if you're a flight attendant showing where the exits on the plane are. Do this ten times and don't forget to breathe!


#2 The Leg Lift

Simply lay flat and lift your right leg up ten times (if you've been bed bound as much as I have this will feel like a huge work out but feel free to lift more!)
Then switch with the left leg ten times as well.


#3 The Pelvic Floor Stretch

Yeah, you guessed it, you are still laying down! In this stretch, bring your feet up to your crotch and together, with your knees stretched to the side.
Think of it as a laying down, lazy ass, butterfly stretch. Hold this stretch and take five deep breaths from your stomach. Really good for dat pelvic floor!

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#4 The Bicycle (cause who can ride a bike with an endo-belly)

This one is pretty self explanatory! Lift both your legs up and pretend like you're riding a bike but keep it pretty slow and enjoy the feeling of getting your legs moving! Do
it for at least 30 seconds while taking nice slow deep breaths.


#5 The Laziest Stretch of Them All

While laying down, extend your arms outward (think..SUPASTAR!). While your arms are stretched, take your right leg and flop it over the left. This should feel really good on your back
and hopefully crack it, if you're into that stuff. Make sure your arms are still laying pretty flat on the bed and you are only twisting the bottom half of your body. Then, do the same
with your left leg over right!