Trump, please stay out of our Reproductive Rights

Sincerely, The women with diseased Uterus's.

By: Fela M'tima




If you're like me, and millions of other women, you have insurance under Affordable Care Act. My dream husband/brunch buddy, Barack Obama, made insurance available for those who can't afford insurance. As a sick person who cannot work, you have no other option for health care. It has personally affected me a lot these past few years. I was able to get almost every prescription I needed for free. I was able to meet with multiple obgyn's until I met the right one. I was able to go to the ER an obscene amount of times without the fear of the huge medical bill that usually comes with it. The biggest thing of all, I was able to have four surgeries completely covered, as well as multiple hospital stays without anxiety of medical bills adding up, that I would never be able to afford. We all know the stress that comes with being sick with incurable disease (s) and having insurance and money not be one of them, to know that you can get any sort of treatment to make your life just a little bit easier, is a damn blessing.

With angst, we will "welcome" Trump into office in January, and it's going to be a pretty big, scary transition. So, we must ask, how do we protect our reproductive rights? These diseases we have in organs, that they do not, are not going anywhere. And in all reality, neither is Trump and his team of anti uterus's, abortion, affordable health care, and birth control. If we are all here to stay, can we all coexist without us losing our rights? What we do have on our side is a huge community of women willing and ready to fight and what the other side does not understand is we fight for our health every day.

We will win.

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