The Uterus Thief


By: Fela M'tima



Adenomyosis, as Web MD says, is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium). 
Also known as Endometriosis's sister or cousin. This disease is just as scary as Endometriosis except for the fact that it strictly stays in one area. When you have both Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, it can be hard to tell what is causing your cramping/pain sometimes. I don't even blame Adenomyosis as much as I should, and I'm changing that starting now. By not acknowledging how much Adenomyosis ruins my life and mostly blaming Endo, I have set her to the side, when she's the one who is actually stealing my uterus this month.

I had symptoms of Adenomyosis right when I started having periods. My periods were extremely heavy. Now ladies, when I say heavy I mean my vagina was like the elevators in the shinning. Catch my drift? It was horrible. The combination of diseases in one area caused a huge spectrum of cramping/contractions monthly. I grew up thinking it was normal to bleed so much on my sheets that I needed new ones almost every few months. (I learned to stop buying light colored sheets at a very, very young age)

Now as I got older and eventually diagnosed with both diseases, I still didn't put much energy in researching Adenomyosis like I researched Endo. When I went to the ER, I would only tell them about Endometriosis. I'd forget most of the time that I even had this whole other disease. It took me almost two years to get to the point where I realized this disease had taken just as much from me as Endo and it was time to allow myself to heal from it. 

"Unlike Endometriosis, Adeno has a cure. Read that again. Adenomyosis has a cure. It sounds heavenly, doesn't it? A CURE."

Eventually after having so many pelvic surgeries and noticing my ovaries getting relief and my uterus none, I was slapped in the face with the reminder of Adeno. What sick, evil tricks she can play. Though I can manage bleeding with an IUD (life saver for women with Adeno) it doesn't help my uterine pain.

As I said earlier, Adenomyosis is the reason I am removing my uterus. Unlike Endometriosis, Adeno has a cure. Read that again. Adenomyosis has a cure. It sounds heavenly, doesn't it? A CURE. The word, so smooth, so hopeful. Of course, hysterectomies aren't an easy subject, and more than that, they aren't a decision that is made any less complex when a cure is involved either. Unfortunately, this article isn't about that though. 

Lets put Endo aside for a second. This disease alone is filled with chronic pain, blood soaked sheets, adeno-bellies, and the only way to get complete relief is to remove the organ where it stems from. I think it's time for us to speak more about it. Just as Endometriosis has a really long way to go, Adeno is even further behind. 

To all my ladies out there that talk about their Adeno, thank you. And to the women who have kept their uterus's and use BC and natural remedies to manage their Adeno, you are warriors. My ladies who have removed their uterus's because of Adenomyosis, I have all the love in the world to you, my sisters.


A hysterectomy is not a good enough cure, okay? Let's bring awareness so we find a better one.
Let's not give up.