About Endotwins

It all started last August 2015, we may have been at different points in our illnesses but we needed the same thing; a bad ass friend who understands the crippling reality of living with Endometriosis. When we met and realized that not only did we share having Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, we also had so many other interests in common. We grew up in the same state, miles apart and now live states apart but were lucky enough to cross paths. So, we can thank endo for one thing.

We quickly became really good friends and partners battling this disease with all we could. We were always there for each other through the ER trips, surgeries, good days, and bad days. We got each other through some very dark times that are hard for people without the disease to understand. We laughed, cried, bitched, ranted, and laughed some more. We continue to support each other through the worst thing that happened to us because some days that support is all you really have.

We also shared another thing, our passion to help others. We were already helping each other but we saw a bigger picture and eventually that turned into endotwins.

Endotwins is us, our way of giving back, our way to make the best thing out of the worst thing. It’s our way to bring the love and support we give each other to the rest of the women out there who need it just as badly. And, it’ll be what helps us create our biggest goal, our own charity.