3 Things You Shouldn't Say Post Hysterectomy


By: Autumn Smith


  1. "You can always adopt!"  This is the go-to comment from everyone. I know you mean well, but everyone says it because everyone knows it. We know we can adopt because it's the last bit of hope we're holding on to. Even though we can adopt, it's okay to be sad! This comment always feels like you're just trying to end the conversation with the perfect solution. But hey, maybe you are.                                                                                   
  2. "Did you freeze your eggs?!"  While this is a totally normal and important question to ask a close friend, I've had people ask me this while running into them at the grocery store. It's like, I solved it! You've got eggs! But if you weren't able to freeze your eggs like me, the conversation takes a dark turn with a, "Ohhh noooo" followed by another apology. One more sad reminder of eggs lost.                                                                                      
  3. "Is it the menopause?"   The phrasing seems specific and strange, but these exact words are always asked by family members, loved ones, and people in the medical field. Oh! And always after I start crying, I'm sad, or I'm irritated. Just because I'm emotional doesn't mean I'm a hysterical fleshy bag of hormones whose feelings are invalid. Sometimes it's most definitely the menopause, but if it is then this comment will surely make me feel rage in my bones.